Sand Spike Rod Holder

February 08, 2021

sand spike in deep water

I was going crab fishing for the second time! The first time I went I had to use rocks to prop my pole up. And of course, I forgot to buy a sand spike. So I made one...

Typical of many projects, the first thing I did was lay out some material to get an idea of what would work. I was originally going to make it from some pvc pipe, but the inside diameter was kinda small. Getting the pole butt in and out of it was doable. It was just not real easy. This would interfere with setting the snare. I quickly mocked it up in the vise to get what I wanted.

selecting the materials for the sand spike

I welded the basket on.

welding basket on for sand spike

I welded some ears on made from angle and sprayed it with Plasti Dip. That was pretty much it. Ready to catch some crabs!!

plastidip on sand spike


Thanks for looking! There are more pics, CAD, and CAM here...

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Written by Bill Schnoebelen who lives in San Francisco, CA and works in Orland, CA designing and building sometimes useful things. You should follow him on Twitter or visit Circuit Case Engineering.