Tee Slot Vise Stop

February 22, 2021

I setup the Brother Speedio mill table with 3 vises. This allows me to machine all 6 sides up to 8" X 8" X 3" [200mm X 200mm X 75mm] of 6061 aluminum plates with minimum setup changes.

mill setup for up to 8x8x3 plates machining all 6 sides on a Brother SPEEDIO

This caused a problem. The current vise stops were either too big on the sides or invaded my precious milling area.

I needed something which was fast to put on and take off, required a single tool to adjust, and you don't have to bend over backwards to get at a fastener. It also had to live in a 3/4" [19mm] space between the mill vises. Simple!

The first thing I tried was a programmable mill stop in a tool holder. The idea was to program the stop into position and set a pause for the operator to load the part. This could be done with a macro. While it does work, the M19 (orient spindle) does not have speed control, and the Brother Speedio as the name implies is a very fast machine! This design went on the back burner.

bt30 tool holder vise stops

I went through several additional designs.

several vise stop designs

The drop in tee slot design seem promising so I broke it into two problems. Tee nut base and upper slide mechanism.

I borrowed some cad, modified it, and tested the tee nut base. It worked!

Brother SPEEDIO S700X1 drop in tee nut

For the upper slide I wanted something to clamp both rods with one fastener. This is what I came up with from the bits I had on hand.

vise stop upper clamp exploded view.

It clamps both vertically and horizontally with one fastener!

vise stop upper clamp section view. clamps both vertically and horizontally with one fastener

I machined the parts.

vise stop upper clamp machined parts

It worked!

We may do several setups in a day. Making each setup faster saves a lot of time!

They also fit nicely between all 3 vises.

vise stops on all 3 vises of the Brother SPEEDIO S700X1

The end effectors are pretty easy to make. Just cut off some 1/4 drill rod or cut up some 16 gauge sheet metal.

up close 16 Awg sheet metal thin stop

Thanks for looking! There are more pics, CAD, and CAM here...

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