Machine Skates

October 24, 2021

These skates were started in a panic the last time I moved my shop. I had less than a month to find a new shop and move in San Francisco. This is not an easy task. Needless to say I did not finish them in time for the move.

Machine skate.

I generally make shop items from whatever I have in the shop. It this case, what I had in the shop changed over the years. Honestly, if I started this now I would have just bought some skates from Amazon. The price has really come down and there are a lot more options. But I started this and I wanted to finish it.

My design involved a c-channel and some cheap bearings from ebay. I weld some mounts onto the c-channel to squeeze the inner races of the bearings. This properly distributes the load. They are smooth as butter. It has been several years and I cannot remember the actual forces these can hold. I sure it somewhere around a shit ton.

Squeeze for inner race.

Unfortunately I made the axles from pretty hard steel. I am not sure what steel it was as I made these serval years ago. They were difficult to tap. I did not want to break a tap so I tapped them by hand.

Tapping the axles.

Machining of the axle blocks and c-channels.

Machining the  axel 

Machining the  c-channel.

Tacking the axel blocks.

Tacking the  axel 

Tacking the handle loop. The rods were some old grounding rod, hence the copper plating.

Tacking the handle loop.

Making the handle. This was an afterthought.

Making the handle.

The angle on the handle looks good!

The angle on the handle looks good.

I painted it antique white with accents of anti seize. I am ready to move again!

Painted antique white with accents of anti-seize.

Thanks for looking! There are more pics, CAD, and CAM here...

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Written by Bill Schnoebelen who lives in San Francisco, CA and works in Orland, CA designing and building sometimes useful things. You should follow him on Twitter or visit Circuit Case Engineering.